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Bluey’s Swim school Learn to Swim Program @Jubilee

We are very excited to introduce Bluey’s Swim School to the Jubilee Community in Wyndham Vale.  Jubilee Club One offers a state of the art indoor aquatic facility, making it the perfect environment for learning to swim! 

Bluey’s Swim School is a fun new program developed by BlueFit Swimming designed for private learn to swim facilities. The Bluey’s program has a focus on water safety and building confidence in the aquatic environment. 

This structured learn to swim program caters for babies from 4 months old through to adults. With classes running year-round you can enrol whenever the time is right for you and your family! 

Booking are now open for our swimming program starting this Summer! Secure your spot by clicking the link below:

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10 Things our swimming teachers would like you to know

Being able to swim competently can save your child’s life. For this reason we want all parents to understand that our swim teachers take the time to get to know each and every child in their class. We work with each individual child’s strengths, weaknesses, and work hard to bring out the best performance in each child.

In order to help us achieve this, here are 10 things that our swim teachers would like you all to know

Children learn at their own pace:

Some children will be able to swim like a fish from their very first swimming lesson, while other’s will take longer. Each child may need to initially build rapport with their instructor before they can physically progress. Each child needs to develop the strength they need to propel themselves through the water.

It’s all progress, it’s all development, it’s all important. Try not to compare your child to others, they are trying their best!

We all learn differently:

Similar to learning at their own pace, children also learn their own way. Some children will respond to a quiet and gentle teacher, while others will be better suited to a stricter more direct approach.

While we try our very best to teach your child, sometimes your child is not necessarily best suited to a particular teacher. Please talk to the staff as they may be able to assist in trialling a different teacher or approach.

Let them play:

Outside of their regular swimming lessons, the very best thing you can do for your child’s progression is to enjoy the aquatic environment. Do not worry about the technique, teach them that the water is FUN and enjoyable.

Your children want you to be proud of them:

Sometimes it can be frustrating to see your child’s progress plateau, or to see other children progress more quickly. There can be so many developmental reasons behind this. They do want to do well, they do love your praise, and they do check to see you are watching.

Acknowledge every little step forward as these are the building blocks to the strokes that will be developed.

We all have bad days:

Sometimes your child will be tired, uncooperative, grumpy. Human, we understand. Please let us know if you can, and remember that we all have bad days. Generally speaking, the best way to handle this is to be persistent with the lesson. If your child climbs out early, this will become their expectation each week.

The lesson may not be the best lesson, but seeing the lesson through will set a precedent for the future.

Being on time is important:

We understand that this is easier said then done sometimes. However, arriving with enough time to assist your child in getting used to their surroundings before they are thrown into their lesson really does make the world of difference.

While children have no concept of time, they are incredibly in tune with their parents. If you are rushed or anxious children pick up on these feelings and can be transferred into the lesson.

If you are late, STOP and take a deep breath which may ease the transition into the lesson.

It’s best to stay committed:

Physical activity and group sports are fantastic for your children, but swimming is a vital survival skill. Maintaining your commitment to swimming lessons is the best way to develop your child’s strength and capability in and around the water.

Children pay more attention than we realise:

Routine is important and it is proven that children learn best through routine. If your child has a lesson with a new teacher or a teacher who is covering try to be excited for them, keep them calm.

Through the lesson structure and routine the children will find familiarity. All lessons are delivered in the same structure and will offer all children the ability to learn and progress.

You can talk to us:

While we know our job, you know your child. Feel free to talk to our Pool Deck Coordinators about any past experiences, injuries, illnesses, bad days that may assist us.

With that said we teach a lot of children so your trust in us and our teaching structure and methods goes along way.

We really do love your kids:

Even when they are challenging. In fact, sometimes those challenges make the rewards that bit sweeter. Your children are strong, clever, funny and the reason we love our job!

We genuinely enjoy our time with your children. Working out their personalities and watching them grow. We are so proud of them when they master a new skill or overcome their fear.
Thank you for trusting us to teach your child to swim!

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Benefits Of Learning To Swim At A Young Age

Being in Australia we are surrounded by water wherever we go. By exposing children to water and swimming at an early age it will help prepare them for a life of fun activities such as pool parties, beach holidays, surfing, etc. With this being the case, we’ve found the top 5 benefits of learning to swim at a young age:

Life and life-saving skill:

To feel comfortable in the water and being able to swim is a life skill that will give you confidence and increase your water safety. Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a situation but if the time comes you’ll feel confident enough to hold your head above water and help those around you to do the same.

Physical benefits:

If you’re looking for a fun workout, you cannot beat swimming. Swimming is a full-body workout that engages your legs, upper body, core, lats and triceps. Although it might not seem like it, swimming will use more of your body’s major muscle groups than any other form of cardio.

Social Skills:

Going to swimming lessons or join a local swim club is a great way for children to play, interact and learn to take direction. This can set them up for social skills that will benefit them for life.

Challenging and rewarding:

Swimming offers a workout that can be both challenging and rewarding, whether you’re a new swimmer looking to improve your fitness or a competitive swimmer looking to improve on your personal best it will allow you to improve and feel great with every milestone.

Lifelong Skill:

Swimming is a skill that you are unlikely to forget over time. Similar to riding a bike, you may be out of practice but once you’re in the water it will come back. This is a great skill to have because as you get older, swimming has a very low impact on the body’s joint and can be a form of exercise you can continue to do.

At Bluey’s Swim School our lessons start at 4 months old! Contact us today to find a suitable class time for you!