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Receive A FREE $100 Voucher Towards Pre-School Swimming Lessons

Introducing the NSW Government Water Safety support program, The First Lap!

This program provides $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and carers of children aged 3-6 years who are not enrolled in school to contribute towards the cost of swimming lessons.

The program has been expanded for the 2021/22 financial year to include children in kindergarten in 2021 and children starting kindergarten in 2022, who missed out on vital water safety education during their pre-school years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We are excited to partner with the NSW Government on this amazing initiative and will be accepting vouchers from December 1st. More information to come soon!

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Make a SPLASH this Summer with BabyLove Swim Pants

If you and your baby are heading to the pool, beach or a favourite swimming hole this summer, we have just what you need for extra FUN and confidence in your day. From helpful ‘learn to swim’ tips to contemporary swimming pants your child will love, BabyLove has you covered for a carefree summer ahead.

Reflective of the Aussie cossie, BabyLove’s Swim Pants feature bold, colourful designs and are especially designed for all water use – so they won’t sag or swell. With a unique 360-degree soft and stretchy waistband, they can be effortlessly pulled on for a snug fit, and there are easy to tear side seams for a quick change.

‘Summer is synonymous with swimming and BabyLove Swim Pants offer babies a fun and safe way to enjoy the water. The bright range of playful designs are super comfortable and provide peace of mind when heading to the beach or pool this season,’ said BabyLove’s Marketing and Strategy Manager, Michael Joel.


Research shows that 81 percent* of families use a nappy when they take their child swimming and BabyLove Swim Pants offer the latest innovation. BabyLove has also enlisted the experts in water safety and learning to swim, the Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA), for practical tips to get you started. (*BabyLove 2019 Quantitative Research)

ASSA’s 10 Baby Steps for You and Your Baby:

  • Use bath time to develop an affinity between your newborn and water
  • Hold your baby gently and introduce buoyancy and movement of water on their skin
  • Use a flannel and eventually a cup, to familiarise your baby to the sensation of water on their face
  • In swimming pools, securely hold your baby and encourage greater movement in the water to build their
    muscles, coordination and confidence in the water
  • Start swimming classes! Babies readily embrace water so get started early. It’s also a great way to eliminate
    a fear of water developing later on.
  • Invest in a comfortable pair of goggles to see underwater and a swim cap to keep their hair off their face
  • Have a dress rehearsal – familiarise your child with their swim gear in the lead up to their first lesson
  • Arrive early, stress less – Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before class so everyone’s relaxed and ready to go
  • Try not to distract your child – Remember the teacher will need your child’s full attention
  • Have Fun! Swimming is important to your child’s development, but so too is enjoying the class!

‘Introducing babies to swimming early not only ensures their future safety around water but also leads to so many health benefits from gentle exercise, bonding through skin to skin contact, stimulating children’s appetites and improving sleep. Learning to swim is an essential life skill that every child should have the opportunity to access,’ says Australian Swim Schools Association’s General Manager, Emily McNeill.

The unisex range of BabyLove Swim Pants is available in three sizes (S,M,L) spanning 6kg to 22kg, and are available
at Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Amazon and select IGA and pharmacies.

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Superhero Safety Week Returns!

Due to COVID restrictions Safety Week is even more important this year. With drownings already increased from 2020, it is critical that our families and communities are reminded of the importance of being safe and vigilant around water. BlueFit are committed to the safety of our communities and we need your help to ensure our message and skills are passed on to all children and extended families for a safer summer.

Safety Week FAQs

Safety Week is upon us, and this year Bluey’s Swim School are asking students to come dressed up as your favourite superhero! Safety Week lessons focus on water safety skills such as floating, treading water, basic rescue techniques and more.

The Royal Life Saving annual drowning report sadly recorded 294 people lost their lives due to drowning in 2021. That is an increase from 2020 of 22%.

As one of Australia’s largest swim school providers, we feel BlueFit has the responsibility to our communities to deliver a service that not only emphasises the importance of learning to swim, but also the skills to be safe and aware in and around water.

Safety Week provides us with the opportunity to include additional skills into the swimming program which could ultimately save a child’s life.

All preschool and school age children need to bring shorts and t-shirts to swim in during their swimming lesson.

All infants and parents or care givers need to both bring a t-shirt to wear during swimming lessons.

This is imperative as we simulate swimming in clothing and what swimming techniques could help save your child’s life.

Monday 13th – Sunday 19th December 2021.