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Our Infants Program begins at 4 months through to 3 years, with a focus on water confidence and safety skills. Through fun and play we nurture a life time of love for the water.


With mum and dad in the water, this is the ideal opportunity to introduce your child to the aquatic environment. Through repetition, songs & activities encourage your child to explore and develop confidence in the aquatic environment.


With a parent in the water and the knowledge of our instructors, this level will encourage and educate both child & parent on the basics of water safety. We aim to teach the child a love & respect for the water through activities & games.


With the guidance and support of the instructor, parents are encouraged to participate in activities & games are utilized to develop water confidence and skills. Parents are encouraged to develop their child's independence and exploration through stimulation and fun.

Our Preschool Program develops independent swimming in a confident and safe environment. We aim to promote safety skills and develop swimming strokes through the preschool years, to give children the confidence and skills to love the aquatic environment.


This class is an amazing step in the development of your young child to grow their water confidence and basic swimming skills. The aim of the class is to develop confidence, floating, submerging skills & independent swimming in the water.


This class aims to develop the child’s independence and confidence. Children will begin to build the foundation of basic stroke development through developing a strong kick on both front and back and introducing an overarm Freestyle action. Children will also uncover a respect for the aquatic environment and learn safety skills.


This class is for children who are now very confident in the water. The class aims to encourage the formal development of Freestyle and Backstroke with correct technique and continues to create a stroke foundation. Children will continue to develop safety skills.

Our School aged Learn To Swim program is a complete program from the hesitant beginner through to those swimmers working on perfecting all four swimming strokes. Our levels are designed for children to progress through and develop the building blocks of all strokes, Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly.


This class encourages water confidence and builds the foundation for swimming skills. Students will be introduced to skills including, submerging, floating, and developing a strong kicking action & independent swimming.


This class builds on the skills learnt, and develops a basic Freestyle arm action, and continued practice in maintaining a strong kick. Freestyle breathing technique becomes a focus in the development of correct stroke technique.


Students in this level will develop a natural breathing pattern & begin to develop Freestyle with a breathing technique. Students will also progress with Backstroke skills.


This class focuses on further improving Freestyle and Backstroke whilst also introducing Breaststroke kick. Learning to swim Breaststroke with effective technique will assist any student in an aquatic emergency situation.


This class develops the students endurance and continues to ensure that correct technique is both enhanced and practiced in all strokes. Students will strengthen their breaststroke kick and be introduced to Butterfly kick.


This level is a fantastic opportunity for students as they will now be practicing all four strokes. Breaststroke and Butterfly arm actions will be introduced while Freestyle and Backstroke will become more technical and efficient. Swimmers will learn a basic Freestyle and Backstroke tumble turns.


Swimmers will be introduced to lap swimming, lane etiquette and using tumble turns in their swimming practice. Students strength and endurance will increase and they will learn to perform a dive. Students are required to bring their own flippers with them to their lesson.


Students will now be swimming repetitive laps and will be using the pace clock. Drills will be used to enhance their technique. Strength and endurance will improve further. Students are required to bring their own flippers and drink bottle with them to their lesson.

Our Adolescent Program is for those older swimmers who are not confident in an aquatic environment through to those swimmers who are wanting to perfect their strokes. Our program offers the opportunity for adolescents to learn to swim in an environment with their peers.


This level is for the older beginner, the lesson focuses on gaining confidence and the initial basic skills of Freestyle including bilateral breathing. We also develop floating and backstroke skills. These lessons are 30 mins with a maximum of 5 students, all swimmers in this level are over 13 years of age.


This level is for those swimmers with basic freestyle and backstroke skills. This lesson will focus on the development of freestyle and backstroke skills and swimming a longer distance. We will also introduce breaststroke and butterfly kick. These lessons are 30 minutes in duration with a maximum of 5 students, all swimmers in this level are over 13 years of age.


This level is for those who are confidence swimmers and are able to confidently swim freestyle, breaststroke and have basic butterfly skills. We will work on refining the strokes and developing endurance for all swimmers. These lessons are 45 mins in duration, with a maximum of 6 students. All swimmers in this level are over 13 years of age.

Its never to late to learn. Our Adult Program caters for those adults who are not confident in an aquatic environment through to those who would like to perfect their swimming stroke and endurance.


This is for adults who have no swimming experience through to those who have limited swimming skills. We will teach basic floating and movement skills through to basic stroke skills. These lessons are 30 mins in duration, with a maximum of 5 students in a class.


This level is a session for adults who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke and have basic breaststroke and butterfly skills. We will refine the strokes and develop swimming endurance to enable you to swim further. These lessons are 45 mins in duration, with a maximum of 6 students in a class.

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